Testing the Nikon Z6 in the snow

I have recently decided to change back from my Sony cameras to Nikon and purchased the Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera. I have been a Nikon user since 1992, when I first started my journey to photography and I have been shooting with Nikon until 2015.

I loved everything about my Nikon cameras, the user experience, the reliability and the color of my images but the bulk and weight of my equipment at that time was starting to take a toll on me, during my climbing on the mountains. So I started looking for something smaller and lighter and at that period Sony was the obvious solution to my problem, due to the mirrorless cameras that was putting out in the market and since Nikon had none at that time. I bought the smallest and lightest camera at that moment, which was the Sony A6000.  I was happy with my purchase and the image quality of the camera but when the a6300 was released I bought it because it had a lot more to offer, both to photo and video, in the same small body factor.

My experience with the Sony cameras have generally been very good but all that changed after I visited the Photokina 2018 and had a chance to try out the Nikon Z6 at the Nikon booth. It was love at first site. It took me a while to decide to change back to Nikon due to the reviews I was reading about the auto focus and generally all the negative criticisms from many of the YouTube creators. But I was also seeing the effort that Nikon was putting on improving the camera in all aspects, with continuous firmware updates that added more to the auto focus and its video capabilities.

So I decided to sold all my Sony gear and changed back to Nikon and the fact is that I couldn’t be happier with this change. I understand that the camera might not be great for some people but is perfect for my needs. I don’t need the second card, that so many people are complaining about, the autofocus works great for my needs and I never had a problem with it. The viewfinder of the camera is simply amazing and nothing comes close to it, the user interface, with all the buttons at the right place, the touch LCD screen which is a joy to use, the well laid out menu and the overall quality of the camera is nothing more than excellent! And more important than all that, the color of the RAW files straight out of the camera is so great, compared to the Sony raw files that were really flat and lifeless.

I personally knew about the reliability of Nikon cameras, since I had used so many of them in the worst environments and never had a problem with any of them.  So I wanted to tested my new Nikon and find out how it performs in the elements.

According to the weather forecast for the next day we were expecting a lot of snow, so it would be a good opportunity to test the weather sealing of the camera. Early in the morning I took all my gear and headed to the nearest mountain with my brother. The weather was rainy but changed from rain to heavy snowfall in less than an hour. During the snowfall I was out shooting with the camera for more than an hour. Apart that I had to clean the snow from the top part of the camera with my hands, a lot of times, so I could see what buttons I was pushing, I didn’t have any problem with the functionality or the weather sealing of the camera or the lens as they proved to be fully weather sealed.

Now I am confident enough to carry the Z6 as my main camera in our upcoming workshops to Iceland and Norway.

All the photos in this article were taken with the Nikon Z6 and the Nikkor 24-70 f4 lens and they are all RAW files straight out of the camera. They were simply imported to Lightroom and exported in lower resolution with no edit on them. The video was captured with the DJI Osmo Action camera.

George Avgerinos

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